I Am Being Bullied…What Can I Do?


If You Are Being Bullied, You Are Not Alone!

Bullying is a serious problem, which is taking place in every school and every community in Canada!

If you are being bullied, we know how horrible you must feel. Many students who are bullied have trouble sleeping, focusing on school work and are afraid to go to school.  NO ONE DESERVES TO BE BULLIED and THERE ARE WAYS TO MAKE THE BULLYING STOP.

Why Am I Being Bullied?

Kids bully to get attention, to feel powerful or to make themselves feel better if they are feeling angry, sad or unaccepted. In fact, many kids who bully were once victims of bullying! Many of the most violent acts that have taken place in our schools are carried out by students who were once bullied!

When kids bully, they feel important and powerful because they often get the attention of other students. Kids who bully may have never learned how to deal with conflict peacefully – they may come from families where everyone deals with each other by shouting, name calling or hurting each other physically.

What Can I Do?

Unfortunately bullying won’t just go away on its own. Here are some things you can do that can help the bullying stop:

– Get Help!

– Take A Stand!

– Talk to us! We can help! (When Nobody’s Listening Question & Answer Forum)

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