School Violence Statistics: The data’s not accurate

This weekend the Toronto Sun published an article discussing the occurrences of violent incidents in Ontario schools. The data has been obtained by recent Freedom of Information requests to a number of Ontario boards. The article titled “Ontario’s school violence statistics criticized for inaccuracy”  outlines just that. The inaccurate and curious results of what should be systematic reporting procedures. Our president Stu Auty was interviewed for the article. He explains that the province should be praised for trying to collect the numbers. But the figures don’t look right to him. With the results ranging drastically between boards, even those of similar size, it does not appear that the reporting process is the same from one board to the next. Most importantly the problem needs to be fixed. The ministry is responsible for policy making, and in order to make policy the data needs to be accurate, Stu explains.

Read the whole article HERE.

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