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Taking A Stand
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Taking a Stand

Children do need to learn to stand up for themselves, especially if the issue is bullying, but as a parent you need to recognize when they can solve the problem on their own and when you need to step in and support them. If the bullying is infrequent, your child might be able to address the issue themselves. If the bullying is on-going and/or results in your child feeling worthless or unhappy then you must report the bullying to the school and work with them to address the situation.

 1. Teach your child to take a stand. This doesn’t mean retaliating but being strong and assertive. Practice together how to tell the person who is bullying to stop. This could include learning about:

Body language – stand tall, eyes up, arms open, serious expression
Voice – clear, short messages, practice what you’ll say
Message – tell them to stop, tell them why, use “I” messages such as “I feel embarrassed when you call me names”
Action – walk away, find a positive crowd, seek an adult.


 2. Show your child when to walk (or run) away. Let them know that physical attacks or a threat of physical attack means they should leave the area and not engage the person bullying them. Always seek adult help.
 3. Teach your child to (safely) take a stand against peers who bully others. Talk about times you were a bystander and helped someone in need. Let them know it’s not okay to stand and watch. As a bystander they should first determine the safety of the situation and then determine the appropriate action:

Walk away – this reduces the power of the person who is bullying
Talk to the person being bullied – invite them to join you
Stop the bullying behaviour – intervene (if safe) on behalf of the person being bullied
Go for help – if the situation is dangerous or you are uncertain or afraid


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