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Taking A Stand
Recess Troubles
Ratting vs. Reporting
Staying Safe On The Way Home
Accepting Differences
Respect and Kindness
The New School Year

Recess Troubles

Recess can be a time when bullying occurs due to the unstructured nature of the time. Here are some suggestions to deal with recess problems:

 1. Don’t send your child to school with the latest “must have” or expensive toys or gadgets. Most schools ask that you not bring them. Unfortunately, such items often encourage theft and bullying.
 2. Teach your child games to play at recess. If you don’t have any new games to teach them, go to the library. There are many books that explore games from around the world. If possible, volunteer at your child’s school and offer to teach the games to a group of students leaders.
 3. Around the dinner table or in the car, talk to your children about school. Ask about recess time. Find out who they play with and what games they play. Conversation is the key to understanding your children’s life at school and how they deal with issues such as bullying at recess. We recommend that you not ask ‘What did you do today?’ or ‘Did you have fun?’ The answer is often a “nothing” or a shrug. Instead ask specific questions. Go on-line to your province’s education ministry website and find out about the curriculum your child will study. Read the newsletters that come home, check out the school’s website or ask the teacher. Ask questions related to themes, skills and books your children are reading. If your school is involved in a whole-school anti-bullying program or social skills program, ask your children what they are learning. Learn how these new skills are being applied. Once children are used to sharing every day about the school day, include questions about bullying – what they see and how they deal with it.


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