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Taking A Stand
Recess Troubles
Ratting vs. Reporting
Staying Safe On The Way Home
Accepting Differences
Respect and Kindness
The New School Year

Ratting vs. Reporting

Teach your child the difference between ratting and reporting. Rating is “telling on” someone or “tattling” to simply get them in trouble and it is not okay. However, reporting, or telling someone in a position of authority about dangerous or mean behaviour to get help and to make the behaviour stop is. This is a particularly important message to convey in households with more than one child, in which, as siblings will do, there is fighting between them. You will build trust and open the doors of communication with your children when you take the time to really listen. It is especially important when one of your children is truly upset by something their brother or sister is doing. If they know you will listen, then they will be more likely come to you with their school problems for support and advice.

Examine your beliefs. Did you come from a schoolyard where no-one “ratted” on anyone else? Challenge that belief and talk with your child about how your childhood was and how we must all change our attitudes.

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