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Taking A Stand
Recess Troubles
Ratting vs. Reporting
Staying Safe On The Way Home
Accepting Differences
Respect and Kindness
The New School Year

Accepting Differences

On a daily basis, we can help our children accept those who are different from ourselves.

 1. TV/magazines – talk with your child about the stereotypes on TV and in magazines. When you are out on everyday errands, talk about the different people you see. Challenge the stereotypes you or your children may hold.
 2. Encourage positive “self talk”. If your child is different in some way that could contribute to bullying – teach her to speak positively to herself. Write a list of good qualities about your child. Say the quality and have him say it back. When your children do need disciplining, always end on a positive note talking about a good quality they possess. Have them state what they did wrong as well as something positive that will help them do better in the future.


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