Reduce Aggression, Create Empathy

“Children must feel safe in order to be freed up to learn. ” – Mary Gordon, Founder of Roots of Empathy.

This year we are pleased to welcome Mary Gordon, founder of Roots of Empathy as our Keynote speaker at the 18th Annual Safe Schools Conference coming up February 24th.

Roots of Empathy is a charitable organization that originated in Toronto in 1996. There mission: to build caring, peaceful, and civil societies through the development of empathy in children and adults. They believe by focusing on empathy, creating respectful relationships, we are able to reduce levels of bullying and aggression in children. 

There is no doubt that a safe and caring classroom will benefit learning. This practice extends across all areas of safe school issues, whether it be mental health, LGBTQ, special education, or any other area. Creating environments that are inclusive, and based on positive relationship practices will benefit all. The key to Roots of Empathy’s philosophy is to engage all students. We cannot label and target the “troubled” child or the “bully”. Instead, it is teaching all students how to act with empathy that will build a positive culture all around.

As Mary Gordon states in her presentation description, many children cannot find unconditional comfort and support at home. This is when school becomes a safe-haven, and teachers play an even more influential role. To help students overcome any of the challenges they may be facing in their crucial developmental years we must foster empathy and positive relationships.

We are excited to have Mary Gordon join us in Toronto on the 24th. Click here to read her full presentation description.

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