Question: What should you do when bullied at recess?

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“What should you do if you are bullied at the end of recess and can’t go to the teacher outside and the teacher inside tells you to deal with it at recess?”

It sounds like you feel like nobody is listening to your concern about someone picking on you at the end of recess. Often when people do mean things to others, they do it when an adult isn’t looking or when there isn’t an adult around to complain to. That is how they get away with it.

If this person keeps doing mean things to you at that same time, here are a couple thing to try:

  1. Try mentioning it to the recess teacher before recess begins and ask him/her if you can stand next to him/her for a few minutes right at the end of recess. That way, the teacher is aware that you are trying to solve a problem and they may be more willing to help you.
  2. You can ask a friend to stay right beside you for a few minutes right before recess ends. Your friend doesn’t need to say anything, just be there and watch in case anything should happen. When you have someone who can also tell the teacher what happened, it helps the teacher do something about it.
  3. The third thing you might try is to print this email and include it in your journal or give it to your classroom teacher to read in private. When your teacher realizes you are really having a problem and you are trying to solve it yourself, I think they will give you a hand with it.

Hopefully one of those helps. If anyone else has had a similar problem and can offer some advise, please add a comment below.

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