Participate in “The Every Teacher Project”

CSSN is pleased to assist our friends at the Manitoba Teachers’ Society with the the promotion of “The Every Teacher Project: Canadian Study of Educators’ Experiences of LGBTQ-inclusive Education.”

The Every Teacher Project is a national study of educators’ perceptions and experiences of LGBTQ-inclusive education led by Dr. Catherine Taylor in partnership with Manitoba Teachers’ Society. This study is an opportunity for educational staff to share their knowledge and experiences of working with LGBTQ children and youth, and of LGBTQ-inclusive education. Every national, provincial and territorial teacher organization in English Canada is participating in the study.

The survey is open to educators from K-12, including school support staff. It is open to educators working in private and charter schools, as well as public schools, parochial schools and cultural schools. You do not have to be a member of a teacher organization to participate.

The survey will remain open until March 4 2013. Focus groups and interviews will follow. A French version will be available in early 2013, but francophone teachers are welcome to respond in French to the English version.

There have been participants from every province and territory so far, but we need many, many more to get a clear picture of what is happening in schools across Canada.

Educators can contact their teacher organizations for information about how to participate, or contact the research team at to receive a web link to participate.

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