The Safe Schools Story Contest & Story Book! 2017

In Fall 2014, we received over 100 entries to our story contest from coast to coast. To receive your own copy of the Safe Schools Story Book featuring Educational Resources for children grades K – 3, click below!

In 2016 we received an even bigger response. So much so that we had to choose 3 winners! 2nd-annual-story-book-draft-3-1

Jahzara S from Suddaby P.S wrote, “Danika’s PJ Incident”

Hannah M with help from Abby N wrote, “Peter’s Poster”

Miranda C from Earl Marriott Secondary penned,

“Big or Small, You Can Do It All”



2016/2017 Contest Details

CSSN would like to invite students from across the country to participate in the second annual Safe Schools Story Contest. We are calling for submissions from students in grades 4 to 8 to write about important issues happening in their schools. Stories will be judge by the Canadian Safe School Network and the top 2 winners will have their stories published in our second ‘Safe Schools Story Book.’  Both winners will receive a copy of the published Canadian Safe School Story Book.* Stories should be written for a primary school aged audience (kindergarten to grade 3) Stories should be a maximum of 1000 words. Themes for the stories should relate to The Canadian Safe School Network’s Values.

Playing Safe
Being a friend

Sample Story Synopsis: Lizzie and Sam loved building. They built with blocks, they built with markers, they built by stacking all of Ms. Harold’s books on top of each other. One day Lizzie said she was going to build the tallest tower possible! She collected all the books, and all the blocks, and got to work. But Sam wanted to build the tallest tower too! Sam collected all the cups from the play kitchen, and all the pillows from the reading corner, and he got to work. Soon, Lizzie and Sam realize that if they combine their supplies, and build the tower together they will be able to build an even bigger tower! 

Teachers are welcome to contact CSSN for more information! We welcome and encourage all teachers to integrate our story contest into your curriculum! Send us an email if you’d like some some suggestions!

The following page outlines the GUIDELINES for the Safe Schools Story Contest.


Stories may be illustrated or not illustrated when submitted. If selected as a winner, The Canadian Safe School Network will determine if the submitted illustrations will be published with the story.

To enter, mail a printed copy of your story and a completed registration form, to The Canadian Safe School Network.
Online entries will not be accepted.
Winners will be chosen from all eligible entries.

Winning stories will be selected based on the following criteria:
– Story is received prior to, or postmarked January 31st, 2016.
– Printed story is received accompanied with a completed registration form.
– Registration form contains a valid email address for a teacher/parent/guardian.
– Stories demonstrate a plot that reflects the values of the Canadian Safe School Network.
– Story does not exceed 1000 words.

Chances of winning depend on number of entries received.
Contest not available to residents of Quebec.
Submission deadline is Feb 28, 2017
Winners will be announced May 20, 2017

* The Canadian Safe School Story Book will be used by The Canadian Safe School Network for fundraising purposes, in order to support our ongoing efforts to create safe and caring schools and communities.

For more information:

Guide for Parents & Teachers

The Canadian Safe School Network wants the Safe Schools Story Contest to be a learning experience!

To help your child or student with this activity, encourage him/her to:

– think of stories that are relevant to the Canadian Safe School Network’s Values;
Help students understand how to incorporate values into their story lines by using examples.
Cooperation: a sports team wins a game when teammates work on passing and
encouraging others, and not simply scoring.
Including Others: Tyler the Turtle is the shortest student in his class and is too short to help his
friends build a tall block tower. Mona the Monkey changes the game and suggests they
build a block boat so that Tyler can play too.

– focus on pro-social skills and behaviours
Avoid stories about punishments, or “getting in trouble”. Encourage students instead, to
write about positive experiences.

– be creative!
Stories do not have to be situated at school, or about humans. Fantastical and
imaginative story lines are encouraged)

To download registration documents with full rules, regulations and guidelines, please click HERE.


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