Huddle Up

The Huddle Up Bullying Prevention Program, presented by Tim Hortons, wrapped up its 12th successful year this spring. It has effectively grown in popularity throughout both the elementary and secondary school levels, reaching over 35,000 students in the 2012-2013 school year. With support from the Canadian Safe School Network, the Huddle Up Program continues to inspire youth and empower them to take action towards bullying prevention in their schools.

Designed for students in grade 3 to 12, Huddle Up sees Toronto Argonaut Players, Cheerleaders, and program staff, working together to powerfully support and covey our bullying prevention messages for both targets and bystanders.

Huddle Up Student Committee

Suggested Meeting Dates: September to January

Meeting Length: 30-45 minutes

Argos representatives empower members of your Huddle Up Leadership Committee. Prior to arriving at the school for the assembly, a Huddle Up team member meets with a school administrator and the chosen committee of 10 students. The Huddle Up Leadership Committee is made up of diverse student leaders (i.e. members of sports teams), as well as students who have previous experience with bullying and being bullied. In elementary schools, these students range from grades 3-8. A member of the Huddle Up team gives the chosen 10 students guidance to create in-school initiatives that enhance the Huddle Up message prior, during, and after the school-wide assembly. Staff advisors are given a set of guidelines to assist them through this process.

Huddle Up School Assembly

Suggested Assembly Dates: January to April 
Assembly Length: 45 – 60 minutes 

The assembly involves the participation of the player, staff member and most importantly, the students. The format of the assembly is designed to provide students with bullying awareness and the necessary tools to deal with the issue.

  1. Students from your school perform a presentation that introduces this valuable message.
  2. A member of the “Huddle Up” team introduces the program, partners and the issue of bullying. Some topics that are covered in this portion are the impact the bystander has on bullying, the reasons someone bullies and some solutions to the problem.
  3. The Argonauts’ players speak about their own personal experiences and how this helped develop their character. The player provides the students with a personal account of the tools needed to deal with the issues at hand.
  4. Conclusion – Information on assistance with this issue.

Huddle Up Committee Summit

Summit Date: May (Information will be sent after March) 
Timeline: 9:30–1:00- at a suitable location

The Huddle up Committee members from your school as well as a staff advisor will be invited to a summit hosted by The Argos Foundation, Argonauts Players, Cheerleaders and our program partners to address the issues surrounding bullying. This summit is a brainstorming session that will provide students with an open forum to share their school’s perspective on leadership, bullying and violence in schools. The student committee summit will provide your students with the opportunity to take valuable information back to their school to improve their educational environment.

Optional Program Components

Schools enrolled in the Huddle Up Bullying Prevention Program can choose to add any or all of the following options: Parent/Teacher Information Session, Cheerleader Female Bullying Presentation, or an additional assembly for large school populations.

1. Parent Evening Information/Professional Development Teacher Presentation
In order for the bullying prevention message to be successful at school, students must hear it not only from the Argonauts, but also from their teachers, parents and school administrators. This message must be consistent everywhere. Schools have the option to host a bullying prevention information session with a “Huddle Up” representative who educates community members about to how to identify and protect young people from violence and cyber bullying. In addition, the parents, teachers and administrators are made aware of the messaging that their students receive at school and inherit fundamental tools to enhance it at home.

2. Female Bullying Presentation
Evidently, bullying occurs in all shapes, sizes and genders. As an added option to the standard messaging, the Argonauts are proud to offer elementary schools another angle of the bullying prevention message through testimony from a Cheerleader and female staff member. This presentation directly focuses on female-specific issues such as gossip, cliques, and relationships. It is our goal to increase the self-esteem and self-awareness of young girls and to provide an outlet for positive discussion.

3. Additional Assembly
Schools with large student populations, or smaller auditorium/gyms, may decide to hold two Huddle Up Assemblies in order to reach the entire student body. Additional assemblies also provide an opportunity to tailor the message towards specific age groups.

For more information on the Huddle Up program and booking, please visit our website or contact:
Christine Nicholson
Coordinator, Education and Community Programs

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