BullyStop: a series of hack-a-thons

On September 26th The Canadian Safe School Network, in coordination with john st and supported by TELUS WISE held the first ever safe school hackathon. This hackathon named bully</stop> was aimed at bringing together individuals from the education sector, development sector and creative sector, all working together to solve the problem of bullying. That theme in mind, the teams (5) were tasked to look at the problem from the view of: 1. The youth 2. The parents 3. The educator (teacher/admin/board).

Each team was tasked to create an app or a program to help address the issues that kids are faced with every day. Out of this hackathon 5 product ideas were developed and CSSN is currently researching options to bring at least one idea to life and to market.

With the success of the first hackathon CSSN has developed a new youth focused program. CSSN is hosting  a series of hackathons. This time, instead of industry experts, the hackathon participants will be youth. We will hold a series of hackathons across Canada for youth ages 13 to 18. Hackathons will be held from March 2016 to May 2016 in the following provinces:

– British Columbia
– Alberta
– Nova Scotia

The hackathons will address a number of issues that youth deal with. Although they will be developing an idea for an app or program, ultimately the purpose is to engage youth and stimulate the conversation. You can sign up and get more information here;


Toronto – coming soon

Alberta – coming soon

Halifax – coming soon


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