Coming 2016: Story Telling Night (West Coast)

Story Night-01On a number of weekday nights throughout Fall and Winter, CSSN will bring in authors of children’s stories and local community teachers to do a live reading of various story books with a safe schools theme. These children’s authors and local teachers will discuss the safe school topic of the week with children from the community.

Each event would focus on a different topic including: Making new friends, Sharing, Including other, etc. The program would target young children aged 4 – 9.

This program is designed to be run in partnership with a coffee shop franchise. Each event will be held in different community centres across Vancouver in close proximity to the sponsoring coffee shop company or in some cases, the event could be held at a franchise location.

The program will offer parents a weeknight activity for their children close to home and an opportunity for CSSN to meet parents in Vancouver. At the first event, CSSN will read the Safe Schools Story Book. A Safe School starts with a safe community. CSSN wants the children in your neighbourhood to meet and grow with one another to build a safe community.

For parents, this initiative will:

Provide your children the chance to make friends out- side their classroom. Friends outside of class can help your child cope with bullying issues and peer-to-peer they may have in their classroom.

Watch your child learn important lessons about being a good friend with other children in the community. Meet and discuss with other parents on how they are creating safe schools and safe communities.

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