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Your support means a lot.

Current Campaign: Send Support to A Syrian Refugee Child.

To send a support package, donate the amount of $50, $75, 0r $100, using the donation field on the right. CSSN will send you a letter and charitable tax receipt following your gift.

In today’s world there is a wide variety of ‘safe school issues’ and they are ever evolving. CSSN works to ensure that teachers, staff, administrators, police officers, politicians, and the general public are acutely aware of the needs of children and youth and how we can ensure safety in schools.

Our work focuses on the many areas relevant to creating and maintaining safe schools, including Bullying, Cyberbullying, Gangs and Violence, Mental Health, LGBTQ Issues, Legislation, Emergency Preparedness, and more.

With your support we are able to build and grow our initiatives to reach even more parents, teachers and children. We are able to develop online resources, answer emails and calls from students who are experiencing bullying or have witnessed bullying as well as from parents concerned about their children . Your support is directly applied to the creation of resources, training and workshop materials, and to the individual time students and families receive when they contact CSSN.

Other ways to give

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Cause Marketing Program


Create something new

We’re always brainstorming new programs, initiatives and events, but we need your help to bring them to life! If you’re company is interested in sponsoring one of our upcoming youth focused projects or if you’d like to host a fantastic fundraising event with your networks, we’d love to hear from you! To focus your donation on a specific initiative, Contact Ryan Hollinrake, ryan@canadiansafeschools.com.


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