Cool Kids in The Zone is back!

For years, CSSN has been a one-stop-shop for valuable resources, as well as events, conferences and professional development.  Our interactive programs including Cool Kids in the Zone, Cool Heads In The Zone and Where’s Your Line have been popular products for educators around the country.

While we do not currently have a “store” section on our website, these resources are still available!  You can contact CSSN directly for more information about purchasing any of the following:


Cool Kids In The Zone

Cool Kids In The Zone is a violence prevention program that helps to teach students key values and strengthens the socialization process vital to their success in school and life. It is an interactive DVD/video (French and English) utilizing animated characters exemplifying respect, honesty, kindness, co-operation and empathy. Program resources include paper-based manuals, CDs and other age-relevant materials. The program is available in English and French.

Recommended for Grades K-7

Cost:  $100 per school provides license and allows duplication of materials

Anti-bullying posters & brochures are also available at any time from CSSN.

For more information about purchasing any of our resources, please contact:

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