Cause Marketing Program

The Canadian Safe School Network’s cause related marketing program provides companies with the opportunity to put their brand, marketing power and people behind keeping our youth safe and insuring they have an inclusive, supportive environment to grow and develop.

We collaborate with corporations who have a solid history and strong brand image, and who would like to make a contribution that is significant and beneficial to the millions of Canadians youth.

Our cause marketing campaigns can vary in their scope and design, but the end result is always a win-win situation: companies increase their sales, the Canadian Safe Schools Network secures critical funding to help support the delivery of our mission, and consumers know that a portion of their purchases is going directly toward an important cause.

Program opportunities

We currently offer two options for corporations to join our cause related marketing program:

The CRM Program mark – ($25000/ year)

CSSN has developed its own nationally symbolic mark to distinguish its cause marketing partnerships. This symbol echoes the heart and depth of the causes that CSSN addresses. Setting our mark above all others.


(Sample mock-up, not real mark)

The CRM mark can be adapted for point-of-purchase programs for consumer retail settings. This usually takes the form of a paper icon, with the CRM mark on one side and information about Our cause and a call to action leading to the website on the reverse. At the point of sale, a predetermined amount (for example, $1) is added to the total bill. Customers may take the symbol with them, or the retailer may choose to display the paper icons on a store wall or window.

Product packaging

Retailers can use the CRM mark to distinguish themselves as a champion in support of youth and a supporter of the CSSN. By displaying the CRM mark on product marketing materials, companies indicate to consumers that they are directly supporting the CSSN through the sales of a chosen product. In this case, consumers understand that the presence of the CRM mark represents a financial donation to the CSSN, and not an endorsement by the CSSN of any particular product.


Proud Supporter ($5000/product)

The presence of the Proud Supporter mark indicates that a corporation is an active supporter of the Canadian Safe School Network and our mission.

The Proud Supporter mark is not intended to promote a brand or a specific product, but instead recognizes the support provided by the company behind the brand or product.


CSSN Approved ($15,000/year /product)

About the program for parents

Keeping our kids safe can also extend into the market place. There are many products, websites, apps, and games available for back to school, during the year and anytime for kid’s consumption. We want to make your life a little easier and have decided to take a deeper look at these products, sites so you don’t have to.

CSSN has designed a program for companies, business’s that market to youth.

How does this program work?

  1. Contact CSSN with a description of your product or service or better yet your company description
  2. CSSN will review the submitted item using a strict set of criteria developed through the work we have been doing in the industry for over 19 years.
  3. Upon approval and vetting through our criteria we will provide you with the CSSN seal to use on marketing materials, products, website and advertising.
  4. The seal will be valid for 1 year and shows that the Canadian Safe School Network approves your submitted item or better yet your whole company

It gets better. Your company will be included in our programs and in our communications for the term of the agreement. You will earn visibility to the markets you so desire to get in front of.

The CSSN seal of approval shows parents, teacher, and youth that your product has been reviewed by CSSN and meets our strict standards insuring the safety of our kids, youth an young adults in their development.

What better endorsement could there be?




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