December 2014

Schools are almost out for the holidays! We hope you are enjoying your last few days in the classroom, and that your school holiday traditions are in full swing! We wish you the best of luck on your holiday concerts and events!

CSSN would like to thank you for your fantastic and on-going support throughout this calendar year. We are working on several exciting new initiatives for the new year and can’t wait to share them with you! We look forward to announcing the winners to our safe school story contest in January, and publishing the first ever safe school story book shortly after.

As always, we are proud to present the 18th annual Safe Schools Conference in Toronto happening on February 24th at the All Stream Center. Full conference details are now up on the website!

We will also be in Winnipeg on February 9th, and Regina on March 23rd for our annual Safe & Caring Schools Conferences. You can read more about these events and register on our website!

Our offices will be closed over the holidays from December 19th – January 5th. Please leave us a message or send us an email, and we will get back to you when we’re back!

Stay in touch for more news about what we’ll be up to in the new year!

Happy Holidays!



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Stu Auty, President of the Canadian Safe School Network, was interviewed by Pam Douglas of the Brampton Guardian regarding the Bullying Video that surfaced earlier this week.

Stu explained “…the teen’s reaction was courageous and she did everything right. She actually controlled the situation.”

“The girl should be supported in every way possible from family, the school, friends…I hope she’s psychologically in one piece.”

Read the full article from the Brampton Guardian here.

Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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Yesterday afternoon the Globe and Mail published an article titled ‘Canadian government rejects solitary confinement limits.’ The article provides a well-written overview of the Canadian Government’s response to recommendations of a inquest into the death of prisoner Ashley Smith.

“The Correctional Service of Canada published its long-anticipated response late Thursday to the coroner’s inquest jury, which released 104 recommendations a year ago aimed at improving mental-health care for prisoners.”

Stuart Auty, President of the Canadian Safe School Network and member of the Ontario Review Board, had this to say on the issue:

“This is discouraging. The United Nations regards Solitary confinement beyond 15 days as torture. As we know solitary confinement for people with mental illness can and has been lethal. Canadians are a common sense and compassionate people. Rejecting solitary confinement limits within our correctional system is neither common sense or compassionate policy.”

The original Globe and Mail article can be found here.

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Over the weekend a video surfaced on the internet depicting a bullying incident among teenagers in Brampton, Ontario. The video depicts two youths aggressively bullying another female youth in an isolated area, while an additional bystander records the events on a cellphone. By Monday the video had become viral, being circulated on a number of websites. The youth were soon identified as students of the Peel District School Board. A dozen different people, including peers of the students involved, reported the video to Peel Police.

It was soon released that the victim in the video was 16 years old, and the instigators were three 17 year olds. No names have been released.

Yesterday evening, 3 teens were charged in relation to the video.

Stu Auty, CSSN president, was on City News at 5 to discuss the events in the video. Stu explains that although an awful situation and a disturbing video, the female victim acted perfectly given the circumstances. This is a lesson we can teach other students. An additional and extremely important success in this story is the role that many students played in reporting the incident. This is a major step in putting an end to bullying.

Hear more of what Stu had to say by watching the clip HERE.

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