July 2014

As part of our goal to help create safe and caring school spaces for all students, we’re re-introducing our resources section!

It’s a big job creating safe schools across Canada, so we appreciate all the help we can get! At CSSN, we felt a real need to offer more support to students, teachers and parents who are looking to maintain and create safe schools in their own communities. To do this, we’re introducing a fresh new resources section on our website!

The new section is broken down into 3 parts; Teachers, Students, & Parents. Each section offers specific information and support about a variety of different issues. Our student section focuses on helping students overcoming certain challenges they are facing at school, in the playground or on the way home. It helps students understand what bullying looks like, and all the different types of bullying that might exist. It offers them practical tips on how to get help, and overcome bullying.

Our parents and teachers section provides even more detail on how to support children who may be facing challenges at school. In addition to detailed advice on bullying, both sections offer parents and teachers respective explanations and examples of how to help a child deal with…

Taking A Stand  
Recess Troubles  
Ratting vs. Reporting  
Staying Safe On The Way Home
Accepting Differences
Respect and Kindness
The New School Year

and much more!

Have a look at the resources section of our website and let us know what you think! We would love to hear what you like, and what needs work. The more we know, the more we can help!
We hope you find our new resources section valuable! And thank you for helping us create safe and caring schools!

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A few weeks ago we told you about how much fun we had at The Good Ole Night For Change, a fundraiser we hosted with Brian Burke of the Calgary Flames, to end homophobic bullying.

If you missed it, don’t worry! Thanks to some fabulous supporters you’ll have a chance to see how it all went down in

this video.

Thanks to all who attended for helping make this night possible.

We’re cooking up some great new ideas for conferences and fundraisers in the upcoming school year, to get involved, get in touch!





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Over the summer months, while many educators enjoy some time off, CSSN gets to work on how we can improve our services and conferences for the upcoming school year. The process involves lots of brainstorming, developing new ideas, and re-hashing the old ones. This summer, in our new office, with some new staff, we’re feeling particularly motivated to come up with some great new content.

CSSN takes pride in delivery content that is relevant to the important issues happening in the field of education right now. For years we have focused on providing training and resources on some of the most discussed topics including cyber-safety, legislation, crisis management, restorative practices, youth engagement, LGBTQ inclusion, and much more. In order to create and execute the best possible training and conferences for educators in the upcoming school year, CSSN is seeking input from educators, students and parents. We have created the Think Tank, an online campaign to source new information and ideas from the people who matter most. The idea is simple. We want to know what you, as an educator, administrator, parent or student, believe are the biggest challenges at school. We want to know what you would love to know more about. What resources would be helpful to you?

How can you share your voice? Easy! Join our Think Tank by sharing your thoughts on these questions, or any other ideas you may have, online by using Twitter, Facebook, or our website!
Reply with your answer to our daily #ThinkTank questions on our Twitter page, and Facebook page. Or message us/tweet us your own questions!
Or check out our #ThinkTank page on our website, where you can send us your own thoughts on how CSSN can work for you.

You’re input will be used to create new conference content for the upcoming year. You can look forward to CSSN conferences in Winnipeg, Edmonton, Regina, Toronto, and more cities to come!

Stay in touch! Join the #ThinkTank

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Katie McCabe has returned to CSSN as our new Education and Development Coordinator.

Born in Nova Scotia, Katie completed her Bachelor of Science in psychology at Dalhousie University before heading to the opposite coast where she received her Bachelor of Education from UBC. Katie has worked and volunteered with children and youth in a variety of educational settings across Canada and the UK for over 10 years.

In her new role Katie is taking the lead on CSSN’s conferences, training and educational development. She is on the look out for engaging new speakers and trainers to take part in our conferences across the country. Katie strives to develop programming that focuses on what’s new and important in the realm of education, and finds creative ways of delivering this help to teachers everywhere. She’s currently developing new opportunities for CSSN, as we look at offering our conferences and workshops in more Canadian cities. If you’re interested in being part of the work we do, have a great idea for a conference, or have a workshop you’d like to share, get in touch with Katie!


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Every two years, The Centre for Addiction and Mental Health conducts their survey on bullying. 10 000 Ontario students complete anonymous questionnaires addressing topics such as social behaviour, mental health and physical well-being. The results are in, and CSSN was please to find that school yard bullying rates are down 8%. A combination of awareness, and an increase in program implementation is likely the cause of the decline. Unfortunately, cyberbullying rates have not changed. Stu Auty appeared on CTV News Channel yesterday to discuss his views on the CAMH survey results, and what we can do to prevent negative online behaviour.

Stu Auty on CTV News Channel


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