How Did You Observe Pink Shirt Day?

Across the country, tens of thousands of Canadians donned pink shirts yesterday to raise awareness about youth bullying.

Pink Shirt Day, now in its sixth year, is observed on the final Wednesday of the month of February. Started in Nova Scotia in 2007 in response to students seeing a younger schoolmate being bullied for wearing pink, this anti-bullying initiative has now spread across Canada.

And it’s not just students taking part this year! Our friends & partners at The Toronto Argos traded in the double-blue for pink to spend the day at a high school in Markham, while members of the Vancouver Police Department put on their pink shirts to visit an elementary school.

CSSN President Stu Auty appeared on CITYNews Channel earlier on Wednesday to discuss the evolution of Pink Shirt Day and the importance of awareness events like this.

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