When Nobody’s Listening

“What if the bully never stops? He just gets more people helping him. From Kyle.”


I don’t know what you have done so far to stop the person from bullying you but here is what needs to be done now.

• Ask for help from an adult you trust and who has the power to stop the bullying.

• When you ask for help, be sure you tell the adult the details i.e. where it happens and how often, who helps or joins in, who else sees what they actually do, what you do when it happens.

• It really helps if you can write it all down because then the adult has the story straight and knows you are very serious and worried about it. If it is happening at school you can ask your parent to come with you to talk to the Principal, Vice Principal, teacher or counsellor.

• Bullying is not acceptable at any time but it is hard to stop by yourself so keep asking until you get the help you need to be safe.

You can print this email and take it with you when you ask for help from an adult so they will realize that you are trying hard to figure out what to do to solve a REAL problem.

I hope you find someone to listen and give you a hand.

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