The Canadian Safe School Network (CSSN) is a national, not-for-profit, registered charitable organization with a mandate to reduce youth violence and make our schools and communities safer. CSSN was born of the Government of Ontario’s Safe School Task Force and was launched in 1997 by representatives from police, education and business communities.

The Issues

Every one of us recognizes how important it is for our children to have safe and secure school environments, but there are factors beyond the control of either parents or educators because they are societal in nature. We believe that fostering a sense of shared responsibility about the issues relating to youth safety in our communities is fundamental for progress to be made.

Bullying, adolescent mental health issues, LGBTQ inclusion & acceptance, youth violence and crime in schools and communities are ongoing concerns across Canada. The number of young people charged with assault and weapons offenses has more than doubled in the past decade. Despite ongoing efforts of organizations like CSSN, many marginalized youth still report feeling unsafe at school. The rise of Social Media has turned bullying, harassment & intimidation into an inescapable, 24/7 problem for many Canadian children.

For many educators, parents & community organizations, school safety issues are evolving at a rate with which they simply cannot keep up. That’s where CSSN comes in. We are here to help teachers, schools, school boards & the community at large deal with the onslaught of youth safety & inclusion issues that we now see daily across the country.

Our Vision

The Canadian Safe School Network envisions a society in which all children and youth can:

  1. Learn and grow in a caring, tolerant and violence-free environment;
  2. Become empowered, self-advocate and apply strategies to respond in socially acceptable ways to personal safety issues, especially those that are potentially violent;
  3. Trust adults to believe, respect and protect them from harm; and
  4. Behave responsibly and accept the natural consequences of their own behaviour.

At CSSN, we encourage community members from both private and public sectors to become actively engaged and involved.

CSSN works with police services, school boards, the municipal, provincial and federal governments and the business community to find new solutions to the problem of youth violence. We are always looking for other like-minded individuals organizations to help us with special initiatives or to sponsor any of our events.

Since our inception, we have been very active in developing safe school resources, administering research, hosting conferences and professional development for educators and administrators across Canada.